Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Klang Seafood

Kayn-u and I went to Klang for one day trip. After Tanjung Harapan, we moved on to Pandamaran to have  yummy seafood for lunch. <3

Steam fish with noodles

Steam big crab which cost rm50 each. =)

Overall ratings,
Food : 8/10
Service : 7/10, we have free fruits after meal
Price : Reasonable

It is situated at Klang Seafood, 1330, Jalan Nipah, Pandamaran, Klang.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

levain boulangerie patisserie

Love this shop and adore how it can survive by just selling bakery products, drinks plus certain food. It is always crowded during weekend. Design of this shop is pretty, suitable for nice lunch or dinner with friends and family. It uses stone oven to bake all the breads and bakery products. Macaroons are available too. Well, I'm not a great fan of macaroons, they taste nice but after one piece you will feel it's too sweet. It is situated in Jalan Delima near Bukit Bintang / Pavilion. Price is reasonable but slightly more expensive than other bakery store. Worth for few more visits to try their other options next time.

The food look awesome aren't they? =)
Rates : Food = 8/10
           Service = Self-service
           Ambience = 7/10. Place is nice but it's noisy when it is crowded.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

BubbaGump shrimp

Paid another visit to BubbaGump shrimp last Saturday at The Curve. The last time we had dinner in this restaurant was on New Year eve. Love the scrumptious shrimp they provide, so fresh and and juicy.

3/4 pounds of bucket shrimp with mixed sauce <3
There is other option, 1 1/2 pounds of shrimps if you can't get enough of it.

This is 'Oh there's another scampi'. It resembled aglio olio but with minute lemon extract.

Overall, food was really good. My bf and I had to carry our full stomach out of the restaurant.
Rating : Food 9/10
            Service 8/10
            Ambience 8/10

After breakfast + lunch, we watched X-Men First Class. Movie was awesome. I watched Super8 and Pirates of the Caribbean too on last Friday and Sunday. Both movies are not bad. It was like a movie marathon, 3 movies in straight 3 days.  

Came across these cute tiny little blue creatures in Ikano Power Centre. It's The Smurfs. haha. Movie will be out in September.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

another weekend of mine =)

Time flies, now I left about two weeks of semester break. haha. Many occasions occured last weekend such as..

1) Wi Wen's Birthday party at Pacific Regency Suite Hotel
That hotel is situated in Jalan P.Ramlee and guessed where we ended, lorong P.Ramlee which gave us a shocked because we were at a dark alley in front of an office building. Stupidly, we went and asked the guard where is the hotel and he answered it was this building. haha. It was a little awkward at first but sounds rather hilarious. Everyone dressed gorgeously that Friday night. Pictures were uploaded in facebook. Well, it was a little strange to meet with lots of unknown people and some old schoolmates that we never seen for years. haha. Some made us wonder whether they are couple, some has total 360 degree changes if you noticed. Okay, it might be just me so curious and observant, in other words I'm 8. I guess having birthday party in hotel suite room was a great idea. You don't have to waste your time cleaning up the mess after party. Oh one more thing, I didn't know my face, cheeks, ears and scalp can turn into bright red after few cups of carlsberg. I wasn't drunk at all by the way. Someone was more likely to be drunk as she kept asking people to drink with her, you know who you are. haha. That was a great night after all.

2) Johor trip + Malacca dinner
After party, my family, Kayn-u and I left at 6am in the morning and head to my aunt's new house in Johor Bahru. Her house was nice. I adored her house clock and her children's room. They have a toy room full with toys, Barbie dolls, cooking utensils, mini tent, and lots more. We had barbeque party that night (like open house party). Next day, we left Johor and head to Malacca for satay celup. Didn't know night view of Malacca was so pretty with lots of colourful trishaw. After dinner, we were stuck in the traffic jam back to KL. It was tiring but fun journey.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shopping + Party

Another weekend has passed by with my best friend's, Jessica Tan's birthday party, shopping day with sister and outing with my bf. Shopping day with sis on last Friday was fun. We walked around to look for a suitable present, and the great thing was Body Shop has member day sale!! Well, I'm not a member yet though I'm a regular customer of body shop. Managed to ask a kind lady to lend me her member card and we had additional 10% discount. Haha. I bought a giant strawberry shower gel which will last me a year I guess. My sister bought shower gels too. After that we had our brunch at Chili's and we just had to pay a little extra because my dear daddy gave us rm50 for food which was awesome. To simplify of what we bought, here's our list, shower gels, converse shoe (it is red and beautiful), esprit umbrella, famous amos cookies, present for Jessica, ice-creams.

Outing with bf was on Saturday before birthday party. He was sick so no bubbagump shrimp for both of us though he offered to watch me eat shrimp. We went for a movie title Thor, quite nice. Then we had our lunch in Sakae sushi. ^^ I hope u get well soon and bring me for bubbagump shrimp this coming weekend.

Night time was birthday party. Weather wasn't that good, rain the entire night. The food was nice but spicy. haha. Jessica wore a pretty white dress which was a surprise because she doesn't always put on dress or skirt when we had outings. Other girls dress casual but still pretty. We had a card game after dinner in her room and we had lots of laughter due to silly punishment from card game. Its good to have a gathering to meet up with all your friends. To sum up, I had a great weekend with everyone.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

now and then

Oh yes, I just completed my final exams for semester 4 year two, have to wait for results which is out next Friday. Dear god, please let me passed with flying colours. haha.

Coming back to blog after all the busy weeks. Hope this spirit will continues as I am lazy to blog and not many people read my blog either.

Had a wonderful day with bf and my family in Malacca yesterday. We had chicken rice ball, asam fish and durian cendol. We took pictures too and pictures are uploaded in my facebook.

This one day trip brought memories to me. It reminded me of my last Malacca trip with my friends. Taking pictures of the same historical buildings, eating their famous local delicacies and having lots of laughter. Not much changes have been made. He is still there for me and yet sometimes I was being silly to think he doesn't care as much as last time. Sorry dear. These trip really cheers me up after going through stressful weeks of exam.

Then in 2010 =)

Now in 2011 <3

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Betty midwest kitchen

Went to this restaurant with friends and Kayn-u on last Friday for pork burger. It is sort of like a small shop in Aman Suria. The price of the food was reasonable and the food was good.

Don't know what pork shoulder that was marinated with beer and served with their home made sauce. This was yummy despite its ugly looking mash potato and I hate green peas. haha.

jucy lucy.. tender pork burger with huge fries. thumbs up.. =)